The Journey to Issue #4

Kim has come to the city fatigued from war and left it on the run, a man wanted for murder.  He rode in a coffin and raced through the jungle as a ‘devil’ before revealing himself as a socially conscious man with very human needs and desires.

It has been quite a journey for Kim and yet, with all that has happened, it has only just begun.  What happens to Kim after his meeting with Bildad Kaggia makes the events of the past few issues seem like a stroll at the marketplace with the occasional scuffle with the ubiquitous mad man.  In the issues that follow there will be blood, conspiracy, betrayal, romance and all the ingredients of an epic story that would make Zack Snyder’s mouth water.

Like I said, the journey has just begun, not just for Kim, but for Chief and I as well as we continue to produce this story that fills us with so much passion.  When we launched the first issue, ‘Welcome To The City’, we did not anticipate the huge reception that we got.  More than any promise of huge rewards or traffic stopping recognition, the enthusiasm that our readers had for that first issue spurred us on to release the subsequent issues: our product was being consumed; our consumers wanted more and we promised ourselves to deliver and deliver well.  Chief and I are pumped and ready to make Emergency the best storytelling and comic experience for Kenya and the world.

A journey as exciting as this one requires that we pause and take stock of how far we have come and how we would like to finish it.  Chief and I have come to such a point.  After producing three issues, we have decided to take a production break (the creative process never stops).  Much like the events in the story, starting with the fourth issue, the production process moves up several gears and this requires that we plan for this anticipated growth.  The planning is necessary in order to produce a product of the highest possible quality because we believe that our readers deserve nothing less.

The fourth issue will come out in print first, before it is published online.  Releasing an issue on print presents us with unique challenges such as getting the right publisher (anyone we engage has to share our passion, not just for Emergency, but for this form of storytelling in general), formulating distribution models, pricing, etc.  The challenges of working as a small (but very passionate and hardworking) team that handles the entire production process are a factor in the decision to take this break.

This break is not indefinite and the fourth issue should be out before Christmas.  Actually, calling it ‘The Fourth Issue’ is a bit of a misnomer because it will actually be a volume that will contain the three previous issues and the fourth one as well.  The volume will contain new scenes and new dialogue for the issues already produced so it will be a product worth having, even if you have already read what has been produced.

Chief and I (and Kim) have paused and breathed in deeply, for what comes next is a series of events so big, that what has happened so far is merely the first act of a very dramatic story.  We thank our fans and ask you to bear with this very short but very productive break in the production of Emergency.

Nahabi Wandera, Editor, Emergency

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