Delivering Issue#3 of Emergency: “The Visitor”

Scarcely 12 hours to the Wednesday 13th, October release of Issue #3 “The Visitor” this week, my editor Nahabi looked at page 1 and said flatly “the image needs to change. Kim needs to be at the centre, not the top.” This is the story of Issue #3. Our proudest issue yet.

“What? Change page 1 at this hour?” I got worked up! These are exactly the sort of things that make for ‘creative differences.’ The 2-week publishing cycle of Emergency ha not been very welcoming to last minute changes. It’s always a gamble with every issue and you stick with the consequences of your gamble. So when my editor, a film-critic who is behind the blog Sinema, assured me that page 1 had to change, it had to be with good reason.

Since Wednesday the feedback on social media channels has been quite positive. Although at least one person actually called me to mention that Mukami “went down” rather quickly. Without giving away too much to those who are yet to read Issue #3, let me just say that the brevity of the sparring between Kim and Mukami is probably the product of impatience in my own life. Impatience to overhaul the website, and impatience to placate a corporate client of mine for whom I am illustrating their 2011 Calendar. My bad. Decency was clearly the victim of such impatience. Oh well, with 70% of Emergency’s readers being between the age of 24 to 34, it’s no wonder so few eye-brows have been raised.

All in all we really appreciate all the feedback and retweets this week.  You can also catch Emergency on KTN this Tuesday, 19th October on the show Str8 Up between 5:00 to 5:30!



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