Congratulations David Rudisha!

IAAF World Athlete of the Year!!

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  • Ulric Graham Says:

    The Greatest hlf-miler or middle distance runner or 800m runner ever. I believe David Rudisha can run 1:40secs at 800m. I have watched videos races of his world records over and over again. I am amazed of his ability to runs face, concentrate, relax, and maintain a high speed endurance for so long, and above all his face shows no strain or pressure at this world competitive level of competition. 1:41.09 and 1.41.01 is insane and maddness. This kind of running is unthinkable and David Rudisha made it look so easy. I would like to know what foods he eat, drinks and training schedule program. Does he do any weight program. What is the key to running that fast in the 800m. It seems to me from his video, that he runs the 3rd 200m and maintain, then sprint home fast at a relax pace.

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